About the project

Rail Trails Australia is a predominately volunteer, not-for-profit, organisation which works for the development and promotion of a rail trail network Australia-wide. Our website provides free comprehensive up-to-date descriptions of all rail trails in Australia, which promote the concept of rail trails and facilitate their use. our aim is to develop rail trails so the wider community can use them for a broad scope of physical activity including bike riding, hiking and horse riding while protecting the heritage of the trails.

Rail Trails Australia receives no government funding and relies on sales from products and donations from supporters to carry out our work.

The users of trails have told us that our current website is not suitable for use with mobile devices when they are out using the trails. This project is to upgrade the website so that the maps and regional-specific information are better rendered on mobile devices, improving our ability to service the community and help them explore our own back yard.

Any donation of $2 or more is tax-deductible and every little bit helps. Please donate today.

  • Chris Gethen

    Happy to support such a healthy and safe activity.

  • Ross Glasson

    Carry on with your persistent great work encouraging growth of a wonderful benefit for local communities as well as users.

  • Brian Daly

    Thanks for your hard work and good efforts in promoting the use of rail trails and memories of railway travel.

  • Edward Bartlett

    The RTA is a GOLD standard organisation with a regular awesome magazine that needs the support of ALL rail trail riders in Australia - please consider joining. Please also consider making a donation to the RTA website upgrade - I have done both.

  • Michelle Soar

    Great work being done by all. A real joy to ride them.

  • Brian Webb

    From Brian Webb, ex committee member and long time supporter.

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