About the project

Inspiring stars through football.

The Reagan Milstein Foundation (RMF) was created on 25 November, 2010 (Reagan's birthday) to pay tribute to Reagan, and to help others the way Reagan would have wanted us to. Since its launch in November 2010, RMF has commenced and assisted a number of initiatives and programs to help less fortunate children in Australia, Tonga, Vanuatu, Vietnam and many other countries. These initiatives include:

  • Sponsoring talented youngsters
  • Providing football equipment to various less fortunate football associations
  • Developing football programs and matches in conjunction with Football Federation Victoria and various Victorian football clubs to promote social activity through football
  • Recycling donated boots as well as pre-loved and unused uniforms for redistribution to children that cannot afford new boots or uniforms

Today, RMF raises funds to assist youngsters who may not have an opportunity to play football.

While the foundation was created to help those in need, we also hope that the foundation will keep the memory of Reagan alive in the community and allow us to fulfill the expectations he placed on himself to make a difference in the lives of others.

It is amazing how a simple football can put a smile on the faces of children everywhere no matter their situation.

Donate today and help us put smiles on the faces of more children.

Find our more about us on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Ashleigh Heydt

    Angel network South Africa pls

  • Marin Sardelic

    Keep up the great work Kevin #fromthehurl

  • Donald Yuen

    Fantastic Project Guys!

  • Marin Sardelic

    Jog it in RMF !

  • Ethan Benn

    We are pleased to make this donation in honour of Ethan Benn's Bar Mitzvah. Mazal Tov!

  • Sebastian Gudino

    Since its foundation SGSports Management was originated to guide and provide opportunities while spreading values to its clients through soccer. We are delighted to support Reagan Milstein Foundation in its path to connect and support underprivileged communities through soccer. Even though we did not have the pleasure to personally meet Reagan, we stand for his mission...to make the world a better place by helping others. Sincerely, SGSPORTS MANAGEMENT TEAM

  • Benjamin Kline

    I am pleased to make this pledge in support of your work. Well done.

  • Paul Machet

    This donation is made in honour of the 2019 U9 Tigers Manager, Rael Solomon in leau of a an end of season gift. Thank you Rael. We appreciate you keeping us on track and informed all season. Todah Rabah!

  • Jai Rankine

    Thank you for all you do in promoting football at a youth level and assisting those who want to be involved.

  • Chantel Klein

    Happy birthday Debbie xxxx

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    Great cause From Mischa

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    Mazeltov Tony, hope you have a great Barmitzvah - Michelle.

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