About the project

Proud to Belong, Proud to Give is an integral part of Melbourne Football Club’s response to the $5M impact created by the COVID-19 shutdown.

Melbourne members are amongst the most loyal supporters in the league, standing their ground and showing great strength throughout the COVID-19 period, to help ensure the viability of the Melbourne Football Club. 

However, we know our members have greater aspirations for the Melbourne Football Club than just near-term viability. By filling the $5M void quickly, we can return our focus to fulfilling your aspirations and becoming a club of size, significance, and strength.  

Proud to Belong, Proud to Give is your opportunity to play a critical role in driving the Melbourne Football Club towards achieving the ambitious targets laid out in our 4-year strategic plan

The quicker we recover from this crisis, the sooner we can resume investing in the strategic priorities of eliminating debt, improving membership services, investing in innovation, investing in expertise in our football department and building club facilities. 

This is a unique opportunity to shape the Club for the next generation. Together, we can ensure the Melbourne Football Club rebounds strongly in a post-COVID environment.  

Through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations made to the Proud to Belong, Proud to Give campaign are tax-deductible.

If you are in a position to help, we are calling on all members to go above and beyond by donating to this cause, to support our plan to reignite the Demon Spirit and create a club where all our people feel proud to belong.

In recognition of your donation

$50 Donation 

  • Letter of Recognition from club President Glen Bartlett 

$100 Donation 

  • Letter of Recognition from club President Glen Bartlett 
  • Acknowledgement of your donation on the club’s Proud to Belong Online Recognition Board

$200 Donation 

  • Letter of Recognition from club President Glen Bartlett 
  • Acknowledgement of your donation on the club’s Proud to Belong Online Recognition Board
  • Name listed on the Run Through Banner for our first MCG home match with crowds 


  • Nicholas Miller

    Go Dees

  • Neil Bartlett

    Awesome work Melbourne Chairman, CEO and team. Go Dees!

  • Frank Meo

    Faithful supporter since 1963 - go dees!

  • Sam Crigan

    Thanks for giving me some positive moments to remember during this challenging year!

  • John Raftopoulos

    Here come the Dees!

  • Alan Webb

    We can make the 8 this year with self belief & putting our best available team out there for the remainder of the season.GO DEES 🔴🔵

  • Russell Paxino

    I have loved the club since 1964 and it has been a large part of my life and my family's life since then. We have ridden the highs and particularly the lows each season. One day we will win another premiership and be a consistently successful club and we will know that we were a very small part of that success.

  • Amelia Lynch

    Investing in our future...Go Dees

  • Joanne Acker

    lets make the eight and win the next few games

  • Daniel Hutton

    Love the club and couldn’t want success any more right now. Think you’re all doing a wonderful job, so thank you and hopefully keep getting the wins! 🔴🔵

  • John Griffin

    The Melbourne Football Club had given me a lot of sporting Highlights over many years. Even though ultimate success has been denied us for a long time, we all continue to support... and live in hope.

  • John Zammit

    Awesome team effort against the Hawks. Please maintain the intensity for the rest of the year.

  • Peter McKee

    Go Demons!

  • Alex Leung

    Go Dees!!!

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