About the project

This project is directly linked to increased participation and can demonstrate improved environmental outcomes for local and regional indigenous communities in the Alice Springs region. The current Santa Teresa Oval is a clayey red sand loam, common in Central Australia, and limits the use and potential of the space.

The local school would like to use the oval every day for their students’ exercise activities, but the dust is hazardous to children with breathing difficulties and has been anecdotally linked to the increasing incidence of eye disease (Trachoma) in Santa Teresa children. As the school is situated adjacent to the oval, the use of the oval as a normal part of a school day will increase significantly and have a positive impact on levels of attendance and concentration in school. The state of the oval has also made programs such as Auskick or athletics impossible to implement with any consistency. A good surface will enable the community to increase participation of young girls and boys in such programs.

A healthy lifestyle starts with young children and sets a pattern for fitness and healthy life decisions throughout their lives. Women will not train on the oval given the surface, and this has hampered efforts to start their own women’s football team. While some players will travel into Alice Springs to play, they cannot safely train at the current oval during the week. The new surface will allow building the skills and fitness of local women, addressing many poor lifestyle health conditions such as obesity and diabetes. The area does not have the luxury of regular rainfalls and can only expect dust-settling rain for 1 - 3 weeks once a year. The oval is situated in the centre of the community and the dust generated is harmful to community members and many suffer from breathing problems. Grassing of such a large central area will significantly reduce dust pollution in the community and the overall health of all ages.

Through our fundraising partnership with the Sports Foundation, donations to this vital community project are tax deductible. So please show your support by donating today!


SInce securing partnerships with the MCC Foundation (Major Partner), AFLNT, Hunter Industries and Hunter Products (Project Partners) our individual donor fundraising target has been reduced considerably. Funds raised above our revised target of $70,000 will ensure ongoing maintenance and water costs are covered well beyond the initial four years of the project. Any donation amount is appreciated.

For up to date progress on the Santa Teresa Oval project click here


  • Will Hamer

    Go Dees!!!!

  • Graeme Robinson

    Wonderful initiative!! Go Santa Teresa and Go Dees!!!

  • Susie Neal

    Melbourne Demons Love you Love this club Proud supporter all my life (57 years old) Love to support indigenous peoples of Australia!

  • Laura Collister

    Fantastic positive project

  • Melitta Swieboda

    MFC , Thanks for the joy and stimulation you continue to give me.

  • Bianca Janover

    Well done Dylan on raising funds for a cause that's close to your family;s heart. Hope this along with your new set of golf clubs makes for a great barmi in iso. Mazel tov!

  • Jeff Liversidge

    So proud that the club I love is giving these beautiful people a place to practice one of life's essentials. Kickin' a footy around!

  • Tom Wise

    Having travelled extensively in the NT I can fully appreciate the positive impact this project will have in the Santa Teresa community, especially among the younger members of the community. As a long-term MFC member I am proud and delighted to support the Club’s wonderful work in the NT.

  • Gregor Evans

    Hope this helps young people run around on nice grass and keep healthy

  • Clint McDonell

    I hope all football fans support this wonderful initiative

  • John Cronin

    well done by the MFC for supporting the Santa Teresa project

  • Geoff Withers

    An amazing initiative, happy to support!

  • Fred Oldfield

    This is a great initiative that will enable more people to participate in sport which is always a good thing. It will be life changing for this community.

  • Rhonda Scarlett

    Having visited Santa Teresa Community yesterday, I encourage all supporters to donate.

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