About the project

Since the establishment of the Fighting Tiger Fund (FTF) in 2011, the Club has reached some significant milestones thanks to the contribution of the Club’s members, who have gone above and beyond their membership to contribute to the FTF.

The FTF was established and successfully funded the five key investment priorities that were identified by the Club in 2011.

  • Punt Road Oval Redevelopment
  • Total Player Payments and List Management
  • Standalone Richmond Reserves Side
  • Reduce Debt (Became eradicate debt)
  • High Performance

The cycle of mediocrity has been broken, and we are now ready to take the next step. The FTF provides funding that allows the Club to continue to build financial stability, and cement the Club’s future so we never look back.

The Club has identified three pillars that are crucial to ensuring the Richmond Football Club continues to build towards a 'Strong and Bold Premiership Club'.

  • Infrastructure, Facilities and Enablement
  • On-field Performance
  • Community Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility

Contributions can be made to the Fighting Tiger Fund to support the Richmond Football Club, or alternatively donors can contribute directly to one of the three pillars.


  • Helen Murfet

    So much joy to see the amazing team and family spirit in our great Club, from the top of the organisation right through the ranks. As a life long Tiger supporter I am so proud to be part of that team and that family

  • Mark Smith

    Go Tigers!

  • Mark Smith

    Go Tigers!

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