About the project

As the RPEYC approaches its centenary year, the ground floor of the clubhouse needs to be redeveloped to meet the needs of both the current and a future generation of members. While the club has sufficient funds to undertake various remediation works also required to the structure, including walls, roof, windows and lintels of the first floor, the Committee has proposed to fund the redevelopment through a voluntary, tax deductible fund-raising program in conjunction with the Australian Sports Foundation. 

Full details of the project and plans will be updated regularly on the Club's website. Meanwhile, your donation will help make this possible!

  • Martin Holland

    Holland Family

  • Peter KING

    Fiona and I support the RPEYC future redevelopment.

  • steve chapman

    what a wonderful project

  • Peter Taylor


  • Charles Curran AC

    Curran Family

  • Martin Holland

    Martin Holland

  • Stephen Bannister

    Onwards and upwards for the great RPEYC

  • Adam Leeming

    Splitting into 2 installments

  • Neville Olliffe

    Can receipt please be in the name of Madeleine Rowles-Olliffe.

  • Toby Gunning

    Happy to help with the clubs much needed renovations.

  • Greg Solomons

    Wonderful club with a great history. Time for a 21st century facelift.

  • Stephanie Stewart

    Looking forward to the clubs future

  • Andrew McMillan

    Many thanks from the Couta Tah team

  • Will Sanderson

    Delighted to help with the RPEYC renovations.

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