About the project

As the RPEYC approaches its centenary year, the ground floor of the clubhouse needs to be redeveloped to meet the needs of both the current and a future generation of members. While the club has sufficient funds to undertake various remediation works also required to the structure, including walls, roof, windows and lintels of the first floor, the Committee has proposed to fund the redevelopment through a voluntary, tax deductible fund-raising program in conjunction with the Australian Sports Foundation. 

Full details of the project and plans will be updated regularly on the Club's website. Meanwhile, your donation will help make this possible!

  • Jane Prout

    Jane Prout

  • Martin Holland

    Good luck with the renovations

  • Nigel Menogue

    the plans are great and inclusive for all agegroups

  • Brendan Lyons

    looking forward to the next 100 years!

  • Richard&Kate Christian

    Happy to support this needed renovation at RPEYC.

  • Andrew&Katherine Christian

    Looking forward to a successful project at RPEYC.

  • Tim&Pip Christian

    A worthwhile project for this great Club.

  • Bruce McWilliam

    Go RPEYC extensions.

  • Lucas Fuller


  • Nicole Shrimpton

    Well done team. I applaud this stylish initiative, along with improved water access to further encourage usgae and enjoyment by sailors and guests

  • Julian Reynolds

    Cheque already sent to the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club

  • David Golovsky

    sport is the answer

  • The Rossi Foundation

    Please keep up the good work supporting all communities in the East. From the Rossi Family

  • Peter and Fiona King

    We are very pleased to support "the Eddie" - the Clubhouse is due for redevelopment as the Club approaches its Centenary Year. Fiona and Peter King

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