About the project

Snow Australia strives to develop and maximise the potential of young and developing athletes and provide facilities and other support for grass-roots participation programs and events in NSW, ACT and QLD. The organisation works closely with the snowsports industry including the Resorts, the on-snow clubs and lodges, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) and other organisations involved in snowsports in NSW and ACT.

Snow Australia conducts events and programs in Alpine, Cross Country, Freestyle and Snowboarding.

We also provide administration and other support for the Amelia McGuiness Foundation (AMASDF), as well as the Rob Kneller Youth Foundation (RKYF). Both foundations offer funding support to talented snowsports athletes and local Snowy Mountains school children participating in snowsports.

The largest event that we organise are the NSW, ACT and QLD Interschools Snowsports Championships.

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    Thanks for all the improvements to the *Sverre Kaaten Nordic Shelter.

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