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As you drive into Perisher Valley, look to the left for a different point of view. The Perisher cross country (XC) ski trails and the Sverre Kaaten Nordic Shelter are located on the south side of the road. You will see XC skiers of all descriptions and skill levels skiing along the new Valley Trail. On weekends you are likely to see masses of skiers around the Nordic Shelter competing, training, socializing and having fun. The Nordic Shelter is a day-use shelter for XC skiers, located at the trailhead for the Perisher XC trail system. It is warm, welcoming and offers a base for XC trail users for the day. If you are a new skier, an Olympic athlete, have a young family, are part of a school group or are any other type of XC skier, the Nordic Shelter will provide information, ski waxing facilities, a hot drink, a place to fix your lunch and other skiers with similar interests. The Nordic Shelter is freely available to XC skiers. It is a community-owned facility that has been built and is maintained by volunteer members of the XC community. All running and maintenance expenses are met through fundraising and donations. The volunteers also work closely with Kosciusko National Park staff on summer and winter ski trail grooming. Summer work parties help KNP staff establish new trails, improve old trails and erect snow fencing. During winter, XC volunteers work with the trail grooming contractor and KNP to co-ordinate trail grooming and distribute daily grooming reports to skiers and media. Volunteers also ensure that the Shelter is ready every day during winter for skiers and other users. XC volunteers and organisations run a full calendar of XC events throughout the winter. These events range from the hugely popular Interschools competitions through citizen events and officially sanctioned competitions. And there are events that are just for fun. The NSW XC Team and Squad are based at the Nordic Shelter during winter. On most days you are bound to see a number of enthusiastic and skilled young skiers who make it all look so easy! There are many learning and training opportunities available for all levels of XC skiers. And there are lots of trail options for any energy level. Stop by the Nordic Shelter any time during the day (open from 7am to 6pm when there is snow on the tracks). The access trail starts between the Perisher Fire Station and the Man From Snowy River Hotel. For the winter XC event calendar, contacts and more information about XC skiing programs, events and facilities go to www.perisherxcountry.org.


  • Anthony Evans

    Such an amazing resource provided by volunteers

  • Hanna Ben Nic Joost Wichgers

    Dear Geraldine and Arnold, Thank you both so very much for all you do at the Nordic Shelter! Very very much appreciated! Please extend our thanks to magic Dan! Cheers, Hanna, Ben, Nic, Joost

  • Gordon Newell

    While I may not use the shelter very often it is great to know that it has been there over my entire skiing life (40yrs so far) and it's there if needed in supporting the XC community.


    Your work over the 2 winters was much appreciated

  • Jan Reksten

    Thanks for all you do to promote the cause of cross-country skiing.

  • tony Morrissey

    You do a fantastic job

  • john sim

    In recognition of the amazing work done by the Nordic shelter managers

  • Leon Evans

    Go misery sticks....

  • Andrew Nicholls

    Fantastic facility which we have appreciated when roaming the Perisher valley. Keep up the good work and hopefully we can get to use it again soon

  • Michael Bertram

    Thanks for all that you do. This is such a great service.

  • James Finnie

    The Nordic Shelter is a wonderful asset for all Cross-country skiers at Perisher. The volunteers do a marvelous job in the off season refurbishing the Shelter and improving the tracks. For supporters who find it difficult to attend the Summer work parties it is important to make a financial contribution to this very worthwhile organisation.

  • Susan Tracey

    Such a great resource for cross country skiers. People so friendly and helpful

  • David Backhouse

    Although we could not make full use of the facilities because of Covid, the shelter was a base for a great week on the trails. I have always appreciated its presence and the hard work of the volunteers.

  • Mandy Meredith

    Thank you all at the Nordic Shelter and Luke the groomer

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