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Sport Access Foundation offers grants to Australian children with a disability so that they have an opportunity to play and participate in sport.

Funds raised by Sport Access Foundation go towards providing financial assistance - through annual grants - for key sports projects and events for Australian kids who have a disability.

When Sport Access Foundation first offered grants to help children with a disability to participate in sport, we received 27 applications. In 2018, we received 100.

This year we are aiming to double that again and to reach as many children possible.

We are also increasing our grants to provide as many children with the opportunity to recieve a sporting grant. For more details on our 2019 grants visit our website - www.sportaccessfoundation.org.au

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Disabilities of our 2018 Applicants:

Tourette’s Syndrome


Intellectual disability

Transverse Myelitis

Vision impairment – Blind, partially vision impaired, retinal dystrophy, bilateral optic atrophy

Sensory Nystagmus

Perthes Disease

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Infantile Congenital Scoliosis

Acquired Brain Injury

Arnold Chiari Malformation

Klippel Fiel Syndrome

Hearing impairment – Deaf, severe to profound hearing Loss, cochlear implant/hearing aids

Oculocutaneous Albinism

Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegic

Congenital Deformity of right hand

Nystagmus (involuntary movement of the eye)

Cerebral Palsy

Epilepsy and Autism

Undiagnosed severe and permanent progressive disorder of spinal cord

Kyphoscoliosis with heme-vertebrae and rib anomalies

Clubfeet and joint hypomobilit

Classic Autism & Intellectual Disability

Amputee – upper and lower body, including Bi-lateral leg amputee, Right leg through knee, below the knee

Osteogenesis imperfecta

Congenital Upper left limb difference

Spastic diplegic cerebral palsy

Down Syndrome

Cerebral Palsy, left hemisphereotomy

Bilateral Peters Anomaly

Rieger Syndrome

Usher Syndrome

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP)

Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia

Congenital Arm Abnormality- Radiohumeral Synostosis with Type 4 Ulnar Deficiency and Thumb Aplasia


Arthrogryposis, bilateral club feet, and HFASD.

If you have any queries or would like to know more please contact Sport Access Foundation via our email: info@sportaccessfoundation.org.au 

Sport Access Foundation is proudly supported by its founding partner BlueScope, and King Wood & Mallesons, Zoggs Australia, Harvey Norman, Tagzart Design and Triathlon Australia.


Sport Access Foundation was set up by Katie Kelly OAM, Australia's first Gold Medallist in the sport of Paratriathlon at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. Katie trains with Triathlon Australia's High Performance squad on the Gold Coast, under Coach Dan Atkins. After winning the 2017 World Championships, Katie's new goal is Tokyo 2020 Paralympics as she aims to make her second Paralympics.

  • Samantha Soster

    Good luck, love from: Jon, Nathan, Claire, Jim, William, Benny, Jack & Olivia. 2020 Xmas Cousins Donation

  • Janet Finn

    It is admirable the work being carried out by the Sports Access Foundation to support children with disabilities and provide opportunities to participate in sport. We have seen unprecedented times here in Australia, especially Victoria and I implore all businesses if you can to contribute during these trying times as it has never been more imperative to help where we can. As someone who is involved in sport myself, there is nothing more rewarding than helping kids get involved in sport.

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  • Catherine Alekna

    Donation by request of our employee Stuart Mort

  • Fiona Connolly

    What a great idea to make sport more accessible for those with challenges

  • Katrinka Geelen

    Hi Katie, We would not miss the opportunity to support you and the Sport Access Foundation in helping talented young athletes with disabilities fulfill their dreams! We're confident you will reach your target, and hope this little sum helps xx

  • Brent Dallow

    You do are a great role model for this cause Katie, all the best to all those involved.

  • Alex Henry

    Good luck Kellie and team - so proud of what you’ve achieved for Australian sport

  • Alison Muldoon

    This donation is being made in lieu of a birthday gift for a young lady with more sporting opportunities than she could hope for and a strong sense of social justice.

  • Adam Hutchins

    Adam is having a sports birthday party with his friends and instead of giving party bags to his friends he would like to help others to enjoy playing sport as much as he does.

  • Gavin Sullivan

    Merry xmas - happy to support your great work :-) Gav and Bex

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    This is in lieu of a gift as requested by Barnaby Jones for his 9th birthday.

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    A donation on behalf of Barnaby Jones birthday. For a great cause!

  • Angela Schrimpl

    Continue this worthy effort.

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