About the project

Sandringham Yacht Club (SYC) owes an extensive debt to its founders and past Members for their vision, commitment and generosity in making the Club what it is today. The Club sees and undertakes its obligations to its past and present members, and to future generations of yachtsmen, by maintaining its facilities in excellent condition and creating an environment that encourages its junior members to achieve excellence.

SYC’s Vision is to be Australia’s best yacht club, delivering the ultimate experience in competitive yacht racing, recreational boating, training, and social engagement for our members

SYC’s fundamental purpose (or mission statement) is to achieve our vision by listening and responding to our members, by providing excellent facilities, and by managing all aspects of the clubs operations soundly and professionally.

Our success will be measured by the pride our members take in the Club, and the standing the Club enjoys in the yachting and broader community.

The Sandringham Yacht Club Foundation was set up to help us meet our vision and fundamental purpose and in doing so, ensuring our future success. The Foundation has a principal objective of enlisting the financial support of members of the Club.

General donations can be made to the SYC Foundation, or members may prefer to contribute to one or more of the following funds that have been established:

  • Facilities Master Plan – to provide improved facilities
  • Junior Overseas Fund – to assist juniors with attendance at overseas competitions
  • Youth Development Fund (under 30 years old) – to develop, grow and retain younger members including the purchase and maintenance of equipment and support of squad activities
  • Sports Development Fund – development of sailors including competitive travel
  • Sports Equipment Fund – to purchase yachts and equipment
Through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, contributions are tax deductible so show your support by donating today!


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