About the project

Funding the purchase of training yachts, support craft, including rescue boats, and ancillary equipment.

SYC needs a brand new fleet of 12 Pacers.

The Pacer fleet is an important asset helping us train Members and sailors of the future. The Pacers are used for adult and junior learn to sail courses, private lessons, community groups, high school learn to sail and high school teams racing. The SYC Pacer fleet is, arguably, the busiest in Victoria. The high level of activity by multiple users combined with the old age (20 years +) of the boats realistically puts them toward the end of their service cycle.

The cost of a new ready to sail pacer including hull with bow bumper, foils, rudder box, mast and boom, all fittings, north sails & dolly is $14,000 per boat.

Members have the opportunity to make an unconditional tax deductible donation for 1 or more boats. Whilst donors can’t receive material benefits in return for a tax deductible donation, in recognition of any such generous contribution, we’d love to name the boat after you or your family.

For further information please contact Richard Hewett on 9599 0911 / ceo@syc.com.au 


  • Sue Bowes

    Contribution to the Pacer \"Foxey\" from Charles and Sue

  • Dennis Hambleton

    Adopt a Pacer

  • Daniel Edwards

    New Pacer program

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