About the project

As a GPS school, Sydney Boys High School is able to offer rowing as a summer sport. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to be able to row at a state high school. Rowing is a physically and mentally challenging sport that is also very rewarding and enjoyable. This project is dedicated to help fund our fully equipped rowing shed – The Outterside Centre – at Abbotsford. Funds raised will contribute to rower improvement programs, fitness programs and new equipment such as racing sculls and oars.



    with many thanks!

  • David Farrington

    Each stroke counts! Row hard The Farrington Family

  • Gloria Luo-Li

    Thank you for all Coaches who imparting rowing knowledge skills and enriching all boys' (including my old boy who has already graduated, and my younger one who just starting year 7) high school life experiences. I appreciate the opportunity you gave to my little one a try in the first year and brought him such exciting and impressive experience about this kind of sport.

  • Lillie Ivanovski

    All the very best Sydney Boys !

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