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Rebuilding the Fairland Pavilion at McKay Oval, Centennial Park

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Your donation is supporting Rebuilding the Fairland Pavilion at McKay Oval, Centennial Park

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The Sydney High School Foundation helps provide facilities to Sydney Boys High School to participate in sports programs across multiple sports. This project is to fund the rebuilding of the Fairland Pavilion at McKay Oval Playing Fields at Centennial Park.

Built in 1933 by monies raised from the Old Boys community, to ensure facilities worthy of a GPS School.

Sydney Boys High School's 1200 students regularly participate in AAGPS and CHS winter and summer sporting competitions and exchange visits with interstate schools. The School provides opportunities for students to participate in competitive team sports because of the personal development and social adjustment benefits that such participation provides and its programs cater for the needs of both high performance athletes and boys who participate only for exercise and enjoyment .

As we are looking to extend our license for another 20+ years, we now also have the opportunity to rebuild the Old Boys Pavilion into a modern and suitable facility for our sporting students and families. High students enjoy rugby, soccer, cricket, athletics and cross country at the McKay fields. If you fondly remember your days playing at the Oval, preparing in the dressing rooms or watching your son run out through the tunnel from the Pavilion onto McKay Oval, now is the time to leave your legacy, and contribute to the next 100 years of sporting achievements at Centennial Park.

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