About the project

The Sydney Swans Foundation was established in 2005, with our key objective being to work closely with the club and provide financial support from outside of the operations of the club. Over the last twelve years we have assisted the Club by funding a number of specific projects, including:

  • Medical & Conditioning IT Software program
  • Funding of the Swans Scholarship players
  • The Ultra G Treadmill
  • Facility upgrades in the players change rooms, which saw the installation of an ice bath/pool
  • Installation of outdoor lights at Lakeside Oval, to assist Swans Academy training
  • A significant annual contribution to the operation of the QBE Sydney Swans Academy
  • Installation of an Altitude Room and redevelopment of the Players Locker area

We're now raising funds to ensure that the club has requisite facilities and to support identification and development of talent via the QBE Sydney Swans Academy. Donate today and help us support the club. Find out more about us on our website.

  • Todd Coates

    In support of Bloods 2020 - Cheer Cheer - now more than ever.

  • Scott Pridgeon

    Cheer Cheer!

  • Matthew Smith

    Up the Swannies!

  • John Wilson

    Re Bloodliners, from John & Carolyn Wilson.

  • Brad Lancken

    Cheer Cheer

  • Ben Tracey

    Go bloods

  • Lynn Ralph

    Go Swans!

  • Michael Harman

    Donating to Swans in time of need. You have given me great joy over my lifetime.

  • Peter Meurer

    Go Swans in these challenging times

  • Raymond Ellis

    Go Bloods!

  • Ashley Rose

    Wishing the Swans all the best during these difficult times. Many thanks for your contribution to the community.

  • Lance Stephenson

    Blood Brothers supporter

  • Matthew Smith

    Go the Swannies :)

  • Nicholas Aitken

    the club does so much good and brings me so much happiness, i am glad to contribute. thanks

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