About the project

The Sydney Swans Foundation was established in 2005, with our key objective being to work closely with the club and provide financial support from outside of the operations of the club. Over the last twelve years we have assisted the Club by funding a number of specific projects, including:

  • Medical & Conditioning IT Software program
  • Funding of the Swans Scholarship players
  • The Ultra G Treadmill
  • Facility upgrades in the players change rooms, which saw the installation of an ice bath/pool
  • Installation of outdoor lights at Lakeside Oval, to assist Swans Academy training
  • A significant annual contribution to the operation of the QBE Sydney Swans Academy
  • Installation of an Altitude Room and redevelopment of the Players Locker area

We're now raising funds to ensure that the club has requisite facilities and to support identification and development of talent via the QBE Sydney Swans Academy. Donate today and help us support the club. Find out more about us on our website.

  • Rob Shepherd

    Very proud of the way the players, staff and officials have conducted themselves in these challenging times. Go Bloods!

  • Teddy Gleeson

    Our dad, Teddy Gleeson past away in 2018. As a swans member from age 1 to the end at 92 yo, dad loved the swans. Being at the G in 2005 with 3 swans generations together and seeing the premiership was one of the best days of his life. \"I could die right now\" dad said that night, but luckily he lived for another 13 years and saw this wonderful era and remerged bloods culture. When Roosy said those famous words \"for those that have been waiting 72 years, here it is\", he was talking to dad.

  • Graham Bradley

    Go Swans!!

  • Matthew Smith

    Up the might Swannies!

  • Des Minogue

    Keep up the great work. Keep supporting people like Adam Goodes who has taken a stand and not just sat on the fence when something is wrong.

  • Chloe Zophie

    In loving memory of Bev.

  • Jenny Boddington

    Very please to support the Swans in this new facility for young girls and boys

  • Dick Warburton

    It's great to see the resurgence of The Swans. May it get even stronger

  • Greg Harradine

    Great to see the Academy \"Graduates\" in the team this year..!!!

  • Kay Honner

    In memory of Graeme Simon Hearder 5/4/1970 - 4/2/2021

  • Julie Langford

    Our Family are long term members of the club. We received a discount on our 2021 memberships for our support during 2020. We thought re-gifting the money back via the Foundation was another way we could support the club. Cheer, Cheer, Julie, Laurie & Dean

  • Jamie Antonio

    As a long-time South Melbourne supporter who went to every game at the old Lake Oval with my family back in the day, I enjoyed the 2020 season. With the exciting youth that's been injected into the senior team the Club should bounce back up in the next year or 2, especially with the new enjoyable, more free-flowing attacking game plan that was on display this season. Looking forward to seeing Will Gould play in 2021, as well as the new Academy boys & 2020 draftees... Go Bloods!

  • Todd Coates

    In support of Bloods 2020 - Cheer Cheer - now more than ever.

  • Scott Pridgeon

    Cheer Cheer!

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