About the project

Rowing has been described as the ultimate team sport, requiring a precise and coordinated effort with both timing and technique from all members of the crew.

Rowing at King's is a high profile and well respected sport that generates life long friendships. The strong bonds of mateship are forged as a result of the nature of the activity and because of the time spent together outside the classroom.

Rowing at King's seeks to develop each boy's individual skills and strengths in a supportive and positive environment and all boys are provided with the opportunity for personal development and leadership. The School supplements a knowledgeable staff involvement with expert specialised consultant coaches, many of whom have international experience as oarsmen and women.

Success is measured by improvements in the skills and technique of individual boys and the crew as a whole. Success at regattas in recent years has been very strong, with many of the School crews establishing a dominance over the season. Those who participate in the program develop the skills of time management which enable their busy training schedule to compliment their academic studies. This leads to many of our young oarsmen achieving outstanding academic results at the end of the day.

Our Rowing Equipment Fund will assist with the purchase of new rowing equipment including sculls to replace current aged craft.


  • Neil Dalrymple

    1970 V111

  • Michael Rowland Smith

    1970 King's 1st VIII contribution

  • Stacey Barlow

    This donation is to be consolidated with the 1970 1st VIII donation.

  • John Simmons

    This donation towards a skull is part of the 1970 crew contribution.

  • Kathryn Busch

    We are loving the Kings Community. The Mentoring and Discipline for success for the boys is above expectations.

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