About the project

Football at King's has established itself as a popular sport in the winter season. The School has committed significant resources into developing a marvellous football precinct comprising seven pitches to cater for all boys across a wide variety of ability levels.

We supplement our enthusiastic and experienced teaching staff who form the base of the coaching program with a number of professional expert coaches, to ensure that all boys are extended and reach their maximum potential during training.

Close links with professional organisations such as Football Development Australia have ensured that we have the capability of delivering a coaching program designed to foster the development of players at an early age. A concentration on skills and fitness supplement the technical and tactical focus of the program and King's has seen a marked improvement in results over time.

Boys develop a great deal of confidence and self-belief as a result of the development of skills that enables them to be competitive and self-assured as they pass through the program. Teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline under pressure are all by-products of player development and lead to educational benefits for boys both on and off the pitch.

Our facilities generate interest from a variety of organisations and the annual Australian Junior Football Sevens Tournament has become an annual event on the calendar of many football clubs from far and wide.

Our Football Equipment project will allow us to purchase new equipment to assist with high performance coaching and participation in the sport of football.


  • Brett Bishel

    Go you good things!!!! From strength to strength in the coming years young men - but never forget to enjoy!

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