About the project

The Kooyonga Foundation was established in 2006 with objectives as follows;

  • To promote the game of golf
  • To foster and encourage, by appropriate means, the involvement of young people in the game of golf
  • To promote and support the continued excellence of The Kooyonga Golf Club Inc.
  • To act as trustee of any trust or fund established for the purpose of these objects or the  objects of The Kooyonga Golf Club Incorporated.

Whilst we assisted with stage one of the clubhouse redevelopment project and are keen to support other club projects in the future, the promotion of junior golf and the success of both men’s and women’s pennant teams is a core aim of the Foundation, vital to the future survival of our club.

We encourage all members of Kooyonga Golf Club to become members of the Foundation and thereby support the continuing development and future success of our great club. Donations through the Australian Sports Foundation are tax deductible!


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