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About the project

Funds raised via The Rugby Club of Victoria Foundation go directly to growing Rugby in Victoria.

In 2019 in a State with more than 6.3 million people, 3751 Victorians registered to play XVs rugby. 

Columbia had more registered rugby players. 

Singapore had more than 10,000 registered players, with a population of just 5.5m. 

Aussie Rules had more than 75 registered players in Victoria for every 1 registered rugby player. 

We can do better. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the number of people playing rugby in Victoria double in 5 years?

There is no shortage of good ideas for growing rugby in Victoria. What is in short supply is funds and resources – experience, organisational capability, influence – to bring those ideas to life.

The Rugby Club of Victoria raises funds to grow the game in Victoria and through the networks of its members, helps to find the resources necessary to give each growth initiative the best chance of success.

Our members meet regularly to discuss growth initiatives brought to us by the Victorian Rugby community. Club members then collectively decide whether to fund an initiative and what further resources can be offered.

At following meetings we hear back from initiatives that we supported, what worked, what didn't and what's next.

While we all support different Clubs, Schools, Provincial and National teams, we are united by a love of Rugby and a desire to see more people play the world's most popular contact sport.  

If you love rugby, join us as we take on one of the biggest challenges in sport! You can actively participate in the growth of Rugby in Victoria with every dollar donated.

The Rugby Club of Victoria is an independent organisation, not affiliated with the Melbourne Rebels or Rugby Victoria.

The Rugby Club of Victoria Foundation is the fundraising arm of The Rugby Club of Victoria.

The Club’s Purposes are:

Welcome: To provide social opportunities for people who love Rugby to come together, share their passion for the game and pursue friendship.

Engage: To promote and encourage the playing of Rugby in Victoria in all its forms, including, but not limited to 15-a-side, 10-a-side, 7-a-side and non-contact versions of the game.

Embrace: To burnish the values of Rugby, through the actions of members and activities of the Club.

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