About the project

Trott Park Fencing Club is a small, friendly, enthusiastic fencing club based in the southern suburbs of Adelaide established in 1993. The Club aims to provide a quality Olympic sport experience at low cost to members with qualified coaches and all equipment supplied.

We contribute to our community by doing demonstrations and come and try sessions, being involved in the local council's learning festival, competing in competitions and providing coaches for active after school communities. At all of these events participation is encouraged in a fun, safe way. The club is open to all - children, teenagers, seniors, men, women, children, the able bodied and the disabled. Fencing is fun, furious and fantastic and social fencers, novices, the experienced and returning members are all most welcome!

All equipment used in the Olympic sport of fencing is manufactured overseas - not in Australia - and has to be specially ordered. With our funds we try and buy good quality equipment, which when well maintained, will last for a long time. This project will enable the Club to buy Millenium reels to assist in training and scoring, junior sized masks so that our juniors can fence in open and national competitions as we currently do not have smaller sized masks that meet national standards plus offer the weapon of épée to all members (we started the project with only four of these weapons).

Please consider donating today and help us purchase this much needed equipment. Find out more about us on our website or Facebook.

  • Judith Cassidy

    Go Trott Park Fencing Club!

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    Keep on keeping on!

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