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Waverley Hockey Club is a community based club that provides both male and female members of all ages with a competitive, inclusive and safe environment to further their participation in hockey from social to elite levels. The priorities of the Club are to:

  • Develop successful teams and enhance members’ personal and hockey development
  • Have an engaged membership base
  • Provide and manage state-leading facilities for members and the local community
  • Maintain financial strength

As a premier hockey club in Victoria with some of the best facilities across metropolitan Melbourne, we are committed to maintaining the facilities to a high standard and our Facilities Fund is a key pillar in this strategy contributing to:

  • Resurfacing and maintaining hockey fields and associated debt
  • Upgrades of supporting infrastructure and facilities including change rooms, dugouts and clubrooms

Donate today and help ensure that Waverley Hockey Club members and the local community can benefit from improved facilities. Find out more about us on our website, Facebook and Twitter.


  • Waverley Hockey Club

    Neil Brooks Junior Scholarship: Please help us provide support for our junior families in need, through registration fee relief and financial assistance for playing representative hockey.

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  • Waverley Hockey Club

    Waverley HC Needs You: The Waverley Hockey Club, like many in our community, is struggling through the significant impact of COVID-19 and face an uncertain future. The timing of this pandemic is precarious for the Club, after major capital outlays in…

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  • David Wright

    Go Panthers in 2021! David & Emma Wright

  • Drew Ashton

    Let's light it up!

  • Alan Ballard

    The lights & 2nd ground are needed to stay at the top. A second ground on this side of the city will give us the chance to run carnivals.

  • Maddock Family

    Turn on the light for the next gen. Help the oldies see the ball.

  • Griffiths-Hunt family

    Instead of selling chocolates!

  • Roger Andrews

    Let there be light for all to see :)

  • Ann Badger

    Good luck with this important project. This is a gift of $600pa for three years but the website does not allow for me to enter this total. Ann

  • Travis Brooks

    Let's light up the club!

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