About the project

At West Brunswick, we strive to make our football community accessible to all.

That means doing all we can to reduce the financial burden on individuals, because anyone who loves footy and loves our club should be able to play in the black & white stripes.

We work hard to offset player fees with other revenue streams, such as social events, merchandise sales, canteen sales and very importantly, from our sponsors’ generous donations.

This year, the coronavirus pandemic has gutted our usual income streams. While we’ve tightened our belts, and our volunteers are developing creative new ways to cover costs, our overheads continue.

We want to avoid this unmet financial burden falling directly on the shoulders of our players, many of whom have also been financially impacted by this pandemic.

Please help us continue to provide the warm, welcoming and accessible community we do to our members.

Please help us by making a tax-deductible donation, which will go directly to covering training costs, supporting our membership base and keep us on the park and kicking goals. Every dollar counts!


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