About the project

The Wests Tigers are an elite rugby league club in the National Rugby League (NRL) Competition. The club was formed in 2000, as a result of a joint venture between the Western Suburbs Magpies and the Balmain Tigers. This merger meant that the club inherited a vast geographical footprint, spanning from the Inner West of Sydney through the South West Corridor to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Whilst the primary function of the club is rugby league and it has enjoyed success in this area, most notable in 2005 with the club's first and only premiership, the organisation prides itself on its community engagement, with a mission to Enrich The Lives of Our Community. Whether this be individuals, groups, partners, junior participants or any other stakeholders, the Wests Tigers aim is to improve the lives of anyone who interacts with the club. Through the establishment of the Wests Tigers Foundation, the club is looking to ensure sustainable success both on and off field for years to come.

Donations to this project will fund programs and initiatives related to:

  • Elite Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Heritage
  • Elham Haddo

    Joseph’s dream day with the tigers

  • Graham Fry

    The Australian Welding Institute is an industry body that focuses on the grassroots of the industry. It is the grassroots that is the foundation of the industry. The South West is the heartland of the fabrication and welding sector in Sydney, it is here where our industry provides a pathway for those that are practically inclined to enter a whole new exciting weld. The core values of the Australian Welding Institute align with the West Tigers, that is why we offer support.

  • Graham Fry

    The Tigers provide fantastic support to the local community through initiatives aimed at those that really appreciate the opportunity to get up close to their idols. Great work guys its the little things that matter.

  • Peter Smith

    This club is my main source of recreation throughout the season and a wonderful escape from the stresses of our life. Before a committed follower of Wests Tigers I was a supporter of the Balmain side of the marriage. But Wests Tigers are our team now so onwards and upwards to a club born out of the spirited Wests Magpies and Balmain Tigers.

  • Smith Peter

    I love Wests Tigers and I want to see them become REGULARLY PROMINENT.

  • Georgey Savvas

    This donation is for Benji & Robbie's bandaid's lol 😁

  • Michael Krasny

    Let's put the Tigers on top

  • Doreen Pan

    Keep up the great work

  • Kenneth SAGE

    Wests Tigers are about to become the powerhouse club of Western Sydney and I am happy to play a small part to help that.

  • Colin Skene

    Happy to donate for my Club, the mighty Wests Tigers. I also support them through multiple memberships each year and love to be at the game with friends. I really encourage others to do the same, if possible. Wests Tigers forever!

  • John Shearer

    I'm willing to contribute in anyway i can so the Wests Tigers can become the strongest club in the NRL.



  • Kris Gale

    Wests Tigers. Nothing better.

  • Tony Ishak

    Fantastic and inspirational work! Keep up the enthusiasm.

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