About the project

Community is an integral driver at the Wanderers. While football is our primary objective, it is the overall Western Sydney community where we aim to make a real difference. 


We are a football club for the people of Western Sydney, by the people of Western Sydney.


Our resonance as a community club is unsurpassed. With over two million of us that call Western Sydney home, we are the product of our people with football part of our DNA. 


We are a club powered by the support of our people: young and old, pros and amateurs, families and volunteers. 


Donation levels and potential impact:



Develops a young footballer from Western Sydney through our pathways program for an entire year



Helps fund our Powerchair team for an entire season 



Provides an Indigenous Scholarship at Western Sydney University which includes 80 hours of paid work experience and delivery of up to 10 clinics within Western Sydney schools utilising the recipient as an ambassador to promote Indigenous culture



Distributes 500 three match memberships to refugee resettlement groups allowing multicultural communities to feel a sense of belonging in Western Sydney



Delivers over 180 free football clinics in schools and at community events across Western Sydney to promote healthy active lifestyles



Develops a youth academy team for an entire season including coaching, training, video analysis, medical and supporting infrastructure.


Our Foundation Donors will be acknowledged through the following channels and platforms:


• Wanderers Foundation website


• Honour Board at the Wanderers Centre of Football 


• Annual Report


• Invitations to appreciation events

  • Janakan Seemampillai

    Good stuff Wanderers

  • Megan Overton

    Dymocks Tutoring, a business based in the Western Sydney Community is dedicated to encouraging kids to be active and build teams through the football community. We believe strongly that sport can be beneficial to academic outcomes and we are here to support positive educational outcomes within the community.

  • Justin James

    We hope this helps to engage and support lots youngsters through your program.

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