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Join thousands of clubs, schools, athletes and others who have raised millions of much-needed funds through our unique fundraising platform. We are the only organisation in Australia that provides a tax deduction for sport donations. This makes it much easier for you to raise money for your sporting facilities, equipment, travel and more. With more than 30 years of fundraising experience we know what works. We are here to support you reach your fundraising goals.


Who we work with

Examples of the types of organisations we work with include sporting clubs, regional, state and national sporting organisations, schools, councils and community groups. However, this is not an exhaustive list – as long as you’re a non-profit organisation, incorporated in Australia, and you have an ABN, then your sporting project may be eligible for our F4S program.

What types of projects can you fundraise for?

F4S projects can raise funds for any initiative that will enhance or develop sport in Australia. Common examples include:

  • Participation or performance initiatives eg coaching, clinics, “come and try days”
  • Facility development
  • Purchasing sports equipment
  • Team travel
  • Projects to record sports heritage and history
  • However, the key test is whether the project helps to progress or develop sport – so if in doubt, please contact us to discuss.

To find out more about how our F4S program has benefited clubs and organisations and to see the types of projects we have worked with in the past, check out our success stories.

To sign up for F4S, find out what documents and information you’ll need and then get started with our online application.



We’ve been helping sports to fundraise for over 30 years through our sports partnership program Fundraising4Sport (F4S).

We are the only organisation in Australia to have Deductible Gift Recipient status for sports. This means that if you partner with us for your fundraising, all donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

It’s a HUGE benefit for individual and corporate donors and makes fundraising a much easier task – so far we’ve helped over $350 million for sports in Australia, working with more than 1500 organisations and athletes across 60 different kinds of sports.

If you know anything about social media, F4S is like tax-deductible crowdfunding – but just for sport.
Our F4S-registered clubs and organisations can promote tax-deductible donations to fund things like:

  • Development and upgrades of facilities
  • Purchasing or upgrading equipment
  • Team travel
  • Hosting of sporting events
  • Junior development pathways and high-performance programs for senior players
  • Participation programs
  • Coaching and support staff costs
  • And whatever you need to develop your organisation or club!

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