How to get the most out of your fundraising platform - Australian Sports Foundation

What are you
looking for?

As part of signing up with the Australian Sports Foundation, authorised contacts are provided with access to our online fundraising platform.

The platform is a self-service fundraising project management tool that includes:

  • Real-time reporting to help you keep track of your donations as they are received,

  • Easy online processes for you to reconcile payments and recieve your funds.

  • Ability to create and edit fundraising project pages.

To help guide you through your new platform we have put together some handy user manuals to get you started.

User Guides

You can download the Complete Platform Guide.

Or follow the specific guides below.

How to create a new Project for Clubs and Organisations

How to create a new Project for Individuals and Athletes

How to edit an existing Project

How to run Donation Reports

Secure Uploads and Manual Donations

Grant Payments

Reporting your Expenditure (Acquittals)


Reporting your Play for Purpose Expenditure (Acquittals)

Reporting your Expenditure for Charity Grant Payments (Acquittals)

Processing Offline Donations

Invoiced Add-on Donations (How to guide)

Offline Add-on Donations (How to guide)

Online Add-on Donations (How to guide)

Add-on Donations (How to guide)