Our small grants program that funds initiatives and programs aimed at creating a healthier, sportier and more inclusive Australia


G4G™ grants funds of between $2000 and $10,000 to grassroots clubs, teams and organisations as well as community groups to help fund activities and programs that will increase participation in sport around the local community. There are so many benefits to sports participation such as social inclusion, developing healthier lifestyles and learning teamwork and leadership skills, and G4G™ and the Sports Foundation are all about making sure Aussie communities can maximise the benefits of sport.

Previous grant rounds include:

September 2017 – Sport4Everyone- Sport4Everyone was supported by Australia Post and focused on inclusion and diveristy and supporting clubs and teams that will grow sport amongst all genders, cultures and ages

April 2017- Balls4All. In partnership with Spartan Sports, we gave away $1 million worth of product and equipment! This Giving4GrassrootsTM  grant round, Balls4All,  was the biggest donation of free sporting goods to clubs, schools and organisations in Australian history, with almost 50,000 items available to clubs. “The ball is central to the playing of just about every sport, particularly team sports. It takes one ball to start a game and a strong partnership like this is a great way to create real change and have real impact in our communities,” Michael Clarke, Spartan Ambassador, said.

November 2016 – Active Adults. Active Adults is all about increasing the amount of adults aged 18 and over who play sport! Statistics show that sport registration numbers drop significantly once Australians turn 18. This grant round was to help grow adult participation in social/community-level sports that focus on teamwork, social inclusion, and friendship. This can be for traditional organised sports or modified social sports that suit a busy adult lifestyle.

May 2016 – Equipment. Our last grant round saw a focus on increasing participation through the use of equipment. 23 successful recipients received funds and equipment from our Equipment Partner, Spartan. Grants ranged from the correct size balls for juniors to purchasing a trailer for equipment transportation.

2015 – Junior Participation. The 2015 grant round focussed on increasing participation in sport for youths aged 16 years and under.  Over 800 applications were submitted for the grant round, with over $5 million in grants requested. We received $155,000 from generous donors, which allowed 24 clubs and organisations to receive grants, benefiting over 7,500 children from all over Australia.

2014 – Innovation. In 2014 we provided financial support to innovative grassroots projects focused on increasing youth participation in sport. We awarded grants to over 30 organisations throughout Australia. The projects funded saw 14,000 Australians in various communities benefit from the grants.

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