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St. Josephs wanted to retain current players and attract new participants, but the club’s facilities needed a large and expensive upgrade.

Established in 1973, St. Josephs Football & Netball club is located in Geelong, west of Melbourne. As a club with over 820 players in both the junior and senior teams made up of 40% female participants, the 50 year old changerooms were no longer fit for purpose. If St. Josephs wanted to retain current players and attract new participants, the club’s facilities would need a large and expensive upgrade.


As the club were using the original facilities, built 50 years ago, St. Josephs needed the new facilities to be a representation of the growth and changes that the club has gone through since their inception. The club needed upgrade both the social and change room areas to be larger, gender include and provide their players with an elite environment to develop and perform.


In order to achieve their goal, it was going to be imperative that St. Josephs engaged their community to get behind this project.

Campaign Director, Rob told us “We developed a case of why people should support this campaign.”

“We developed a video to send to the community which included key people talking to why this project was important and what it meant to them” Emily Kingston said.

“About a month out we started activity. That was a range of online and offline activity from posters around the club, emails our database and lots and lots of social media content”.

“The thing that works for Joey’s was just creating content that means something to people”.

This type of promotion to the community has set St. Josephs up for success with their facilities development due to kick off soon.


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