About the project

Abbotsford 12’ Sailing Club has encouraged and supported sailing for 80 years in the local area, which has one of the fastest growing populations in Sydney. With many new residential developments being built in Five Dock, Abbotsford and surrounds there is an ever increasing need for community based clubs such as Abbotsford to offer activities for recreational purposes. We have successfully filled the need in the past and want to continue to provide excellent facilities focused on family and local community involvement.
Looking to the future, the club wants to continue to support and encourage sailing for another 80 years. We do this by training young and older sailors, and enabling them to actively participate in the lifestyle that is called the sport of sailing.
To continue to achieve this, our facilities need to be not only maintained but renewed to enable sailors of all ages and abilities to participate in sailing.
Our current 62-year old wooden building and launching facilities, built and maintained painstakingly by volunteer members, are ageing and need a major upgrade to accommodate the future generations of Australian sailors. The history of the club is passionate and it is paramount that its amenities and equipment be sustained to ensure such history is not lost to the local community or the world of sailing.
Our fundraising program will support a platform of continual upgrading, refurbishment and maintenance of existing facilities. Launching facilities, support boats and new sailing craft suitable to grow our successful learn to sail programs would be the focus for the next 5 years.
We are closely working with our neighbours, the Port Neptune sea-scouts, to deliver an inclusive program to promote sailing in the local community. Currently there is a positive partnership developing between the two organisations, which is resulting in an increased level of participation in sailing as well as a more comprehensive use of the club’s resources and equipment.
Financial support will ensure that Abbotsford 12’ Sailing Club remains a venue that sailors of all levels can access and a place where families can build social relationships and continue the generational history of the club.

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  • Kimiaki Fujiwara

    Thank you for making clubhouse available for Stephen's 30th birthday. Good luck with the project, we wish the club strength and success.

  • Garry Robberds

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