About the project

It has been over 5 years since planning commenced to redevelop the fields and facilities at our home ground in the park lands which has several names - Park 21W, Golden Wattle Park, Mirnu Wirra, or the self-anointed 'Bulldog Park'.

The need for the redevelopment is clear - the club is growing, external users are queueing up to access the space, the location is great, yet the existing facilities are amongst the poorest in the country.

Your club has done a great job in obtaining the endorsement of the Adelaide City Council for the redevelopment. This is no easy task but to their credit, the Councillors understand the value of community sport and recreation in this part of the park lands.

In parallel to the Council support process, detailed planning has been underway. The overall redevelopment project includes:

  • Stage 1 Lighting the entire northern playing field area - 6 new poles, 31 new LED lights, future proofing for potential night cricket.
  • Stage 2 Building new two story club rooms - multiple change rooms, balcony viewing, social area, significantly more storage space.
  • Stage 3 Re-positioned playing fields with new irrigation to enable multiple football, soccer, cricket and smaller sized fields for other sports like Ultimate Frisbee, AFL 9's etc.
  • Stage 4 A range of associated landscaping and public amenities, pathways, cricket nets.

This is a massive project that has required enormous effort to date and will require even more effort in the future.

Brand new LED lighting of the northern playing fields is the crucial first stage. Stage 1 must happen in the first half of 2021 to generate momentum and make space for the new building. New lighting will enable us to expand the junior and senior football membership of Adelaide Lutheran and also allow the fields to be used by a wide range of community groups.

The future of Adelaide Lutheran rests on the success of this project. 

We've secured the majority of funding for Stage 1 from partners like Council and ACSARA and need your support to raise the remaining funds required to make the project a reality.

Coming together as a community and raising the funds needed for Stage 1 is crucial in attracting further significant government funding for the subsequent stages including new clubrooms.

All donations, no matter what size, are greatly appreciated and will send a powerful message to the government about the need for funding of future stages of the development.

Please donate today and help secure the future of Adelaide Lutheran Sports Club.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. 

  • David Grieger

    Great memories of this club and that over the years it has been more than just about sport. Go Doggies!

  • Dave and Leanne Jaensch

    Great work Team - the crossroads are behind us

  • Richard Haby

    A great sporting club

  • Simon Rodger

    We're on our way!

  • Tim Stollznow

    Go dogs!! Super important project for the whole community

  • Mark Boesch

    Go Doggies!

  • Daniel Wilson

    Great work guys!

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