About the project

The Adelaide Sailing Club Foundation was established to ensure that we provide our members and visitors with:
  • up to date facilities and equipment, and
  • meaningful sailing and training opportunities as a source for both competitive sport and general recreation.
The Foundation adopts the Club's Vision and Values in all of its activities.

Vision: A vibrant and active Club that promotes the sport of sailing in a fair and competitive way and which welcomes, through friendly fellowship, members, visitors and our community at large.
Mission: The Adelaide Sailing Club, through its members, facilities, and on and off shore activities is South Australia’s sailing club of choice, maintaining a high standard in club fellowships and on-water endeavour.
Our Values are:
  • Members First - our Club is first and foremost for the use of its members for the purpose of sailing and fellowship, by providing outstanding services to our members
  • Diversity – we respect individual differences and seeing the best in people
  • Relevant – whilst appreciating the histories of Holdfast Bay and Glenelg Sailing Clubs, we do not fear change and strive to remain contemporary in all we do
  • Love of the sea – fostered through a variety of on water activities and mentorship
  • Nurturing the young – we commit ourselves to developing young people as they are the future of our club 
  • Commitment – we always do what we say we are going to do
  • One Team - we work as one team with our staff, members, community & stakeholders
Our Culture: The Club embraces and supports the diverse sailing interests of our members. We will preserve our assets and safeguard the traditions and learning experiences passed on by senior members and those that came before us. Our Club leaders set the tone, lead by example and empower our people to do the best for our members across all aspects of the Club. We:
  • Embrace a safety first approach to all that we do
  • Enjoy hard competitive racing undertaken in a fair spirit 
  • Harness peoples strengths for our common good
  • Welcome constructive suggestions and feedback for improvement in all that we do
  • Welcome members of our community and actively support new members
The Foundation's current fundraising priorities are to support participation in Sailing by improving facilities and training programs

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  • Ben Geisker

    Thanks guys for a great F18 nationals, very well run.

  • Neville Wild

    The ASC Foundation is a way of contributing a little extra

  • Chris Juttner

    I'm not sure that I support cheaper subs for seniors card holders, so I've donated the difference to the club.

  • Alan Young

    Donation to Adelaide Sailing Club

  • Neville Wild

    Pleased to be able to support my club

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