About the project

Alice Springs Athletics Inc. (ASA) is an organisation located in Alice Springs, Northern Territory which was set up to provide athletic coaching and competition for all ages of people, who are registered through ASA, to a level suitable to each individual. ASA promotes the ideal of athletes competing for personal satisfaction through improved performance. ASA provides, assists and supports the provision of opportunities for suitable members to obtain qualifications as officials and coaches. It is the aim of ASA to place athletics, and in particular, potential athletes, before the general public.

Our fundraising will support the growth of our Desert Run Program which provides a free entry and pathway to youths in Alice Springs, no matter what their background, to pursue a healthier lifestyle, with the ultimate aim of leading into a track and field career. In support of this program, and to assist in the provision of a quality track and field service, funding will be channeled into the training of our coaches and officials to a high standard and off setting the costs associated with sending athletes away from Alice Springs to compete in high level competion.

Our unique location, the center of Australia, presents huge cost challenges for our member families when their elite performances enable them to represent at higher levels either within the Northern Territory, Interstate or Overseas. The provision of financial assistance will offset some of these financial stresses and would allow for athletes and coaches to meet these athletic challenges.

Our location also results in us not having a standard synthetic track that is available to most other centers. Therefore, any fundraising would offset the cost of painting and maintaining our Central Australian grass surface, along with the maintenance and upkeep of our track and field equipment.

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