About Angaston Football Club

We are an Australian Football Club in regional South Australia with a base district population of approximately 3,500. Our first recorded game as a club was in 1879 and since then we have evolved into a nine team club plus an AFL Auskick program. In 2016 we had 219 registered players, 45 Under 7 Auskickers, 58 senior player/members and nearly 193 voting members. We pride ourselves on inclusion and opportunity. The Angaston Football Club is the smallest club in population in the Barossa Light and Gawler Football Association, where we are a founding member.

We have set up the Building Fund to raise funds for various facility development initiatives, such as:
  • Club room extension - the current facility, which seats maximum 120, is too small for many functions such as presentation nights, netball presentations, hire opportunities and special events. The propsed extension will provide a better facility for players and members, and will help keep our club strong. Better facilities will attract more people to be engaged with club, plus provide the community with a much-needed venue. 
  • Female-friendly change rooms - this will allow the club to be part of the growth in female sport, increasing their participation in what are normally traditional male sports. It is envisioned we would use them as unisex facilities, which will also allow the club and other park stakeholders the opportunity to conduct multi-team tournaments and more easily host finals and higher level games. Toilet facilities would enhance the new outside service area. 
  • Improved outside service areas - the current fixed service areas are canteen and club rooms. On match days and for other events, we need to erect temporary facilities just for the day. The proposed improvements will allow us to spread the crowd and take the pressure off other service points. In conjunction with extra toilets and increased roofing, this will make a desirable viewing experience and bring greater support both for the Angaston Football Club and other teams who might be playing. 
  • Add all weather spectator area - Currently the club has a 100 seat grandstand, limited roofline over the front of club rooms, some trees and cars are able to park nearly the whole diameter of the oval. Up to 800-1000 people attend a home game, and this is much higher for special events and finals, and if weather is inclement or too hot spectators restricted to the car or grandstand. The proposed increase in roofing will allow an extra 400 people to watch games in a protected area, with close access to first class service areas and toilet facilities. This will encourage more people to attend games.
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  • Keith Jamieson

    Yes, we can do it!

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