About the project

1. It will increase capacity for delivery of sport programs by providing additional equipment
2. It will provide up to date high performance equipment that will enable talented athletes to achieve their full potential


About the ANU Sport

The funds raised through the ANU Sport scholarships will support students, applying for admission to ANU or currently enrolled, to achieve higher sporting excellence at their chosen pursuit while at the same time satisfying their academic obligations.  The support with scholarships of aspirational sports persons helps produce well-rounded graduates who can bring their leadership skills to the Australian community. ANU Sport supports a range of affiliated sports clubs, with some growing their funds in order to support scholarships.

Other projects, such as the ANU Boat Fleet Renewal Project, aim to increase capacity for the delivery of sport programs by providing quality equipment to enable talented athletes to achieve their full potential.

  • kerry knowler

    Congratulaions ANUBC on your committment to providing a first class boat fleet for your rowers!

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