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Applecross Cricket Club formed in 1975 and from its humble beginnings has grown into one of the biggest clubs in our competition. We have 6 Senior Mens Teams, 2 Senior Women's Teams, 2 T20 Mens Teams and a Colts side. We have just developed our own turf wicket at Bert Jeffrey Park which has put a considerable strain on club finances.

We are looking to build our cash reserves again so we can look to upgrade our training facility at Shirley Strickland. We currently have 4 synthetic nets and with so many players it has become very crowded with not everyone able to get a bat and bowl on a training afternoon. We are looking to expanding to 6 nets which would allow the men and women to train together and help us to continue to develop women's cricket at Applecross, with the other long term goal of having our own junior cricket connection.

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  • Ryan Christie

    Carn the ACC!

  • Alastair Field

    Up & About Redlegs

  • Eva Egan

    I have donated Adam Hankin.

  • Tristram Fletcher

    Lets bring home more felt

  • Jack Barendse

    Up the Red Legs!

  • Reid Klopper

    As long as I can bowl with a new 2 piece all season long

  • Adam Hankin

    Up the red legs <3

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