About the project

Disabled Water Ski Australia (DWSA) successfully hosted the 2017 Disabled Water Skiing Championships at the Myuna Bay Water Ski Club, NSW in April 2017 and pulled off a remarkable Team Gold Medal for the first time ever and it was on their own soil. These Titles are held every two years and the 2019 World Championships is being held in Skarnes, Norway July 22-28.

Australia is keen to send a strong team with every intention of defending our gold medal title. To send a team of up to 16 to an overseas venue is a costly endeavour and we only have limited funds available. As such we are seeking to raise up to $50,000 and all donations through the ASF are Tax Deductible.


Your help and support would be very much appreciated in sending the Australian Disabled Water Ski Team overseas to compete at the next World Title's.


To view some Disabled Skiers in action please view the videos links on the home page of www.disabledwaterski.com.au

  • Merril Kelly

    Good luck for the 2017 World Disabled Waterski Championships.

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