About the project

Beverley Soaring Society has 26 volunteer instructors and only 3 training gliders available for student pilots. Currently we maintain a list of 60 volunteers comprising instructors, tug pilots and ground crew who make themselves available on a roster system Friday through to Sunday every week of the year. Gliding is a collaborative endeavour which requires the cooperation of a team of people to enable the activity to proceed. Typically a team roster will consist of 2 instructors, one tug pilot and 2 duty pilots. Each component of the team is essential to enable normal gliding operations. The addition of an extra training glider to our fleet will provide a draw-card to attract new members and an incentive for more of our 120 existing members to become active volunteers. It will also give our organisation additional capacity to expand our training program out to the general public. Inter-club cooperation is a feature of the gliding movement. Having an additional training glider in our fleet will give us the capacity to assist other clubs with their training programs by making an aircraft available for their instructors when needed.

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