Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association

Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association


The Clem Jones Centre is a wonderful organisation that has thrived on the terrific support of many community minded people over a very long period of time. You may be interested to know the centre has a very proud tradition of service to the community, stretching back to 1957, when the inaugural meeting of the Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association was held on June 30 under some gum trees where the Carina Bowls Club now stands. Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association has been operating for over 50 years. It has only had four presidents in over fifty years, testimony to the dedication, hard work and devotion members showed in serving the local community. The first president was Jack Ryan until his untimely death in 1958, Mick Foley for 21 years until 1979, then came Rowly Cowan until his resignation in 1993. The current president is former state treasurer, Mr Terry Mackenroth, who has held the position since 1993. The Clem Jones Centre today is the hub of many sports in the district and club members enjoy a wide variety of physical activities and entertainment. The centre focuses on youth development and it pleasing that the foresight of the founding members of the Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association is of benefit to today’s youth as it has done so now for over 50 years. This program is run in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, raising money towards the development of sport including but not limited to: sports participation, Junior development, facility developments, community engagement in sports and social change. Please view our current projects below and make a tax deductible donation today to support our cause.


Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association

Clem Jones Centre Facilities Upgrade

Raising funds for the development of a new gymnasium at the Clem Jones Centre open to the community



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