About the project

The Canberra Rowing Club needs a new home! The boat shed is the beating heart of any rowing club and the Canberra Rowing Club boat shed is no exception. Our well-worn walkways, walls and ceilings stacked with boats and oars and busy morning manoeuvres are testament to our club’s ability to attract and retain members and have seen many years of success and accomplishment in the 40 years that we have been located in Yarralumla Bay. We have now reached a critical milestone in our history – it’s time to redevelop our boat shed to ensure that the next 40 years can accommodate our growing member base, our growing fleet and also offer all members and the community, a safe, functional and modern facility. To achieve our vision to be a leading community rowing club in Australia in terms of support, participation and performance across a diverse group of rowers, we need a new facility. Importantly – the club needs your help to see this project come to life. By making a tax deductible donation to this project today you will be helping current and future members row out of the best facilities on the lake and you will have played an important part of our club’s rich history. Donate today and support our vision for the future of CRC.


  • Owen Nix

    Best wishes with the exciting redevelopment!

  • Robert Lones

    Extremely grateful for all those who have taught & encouraged us. Rob

  • Nicholas Latimer

    Hi all - given I wasn't able to make it to the dinner this year, here's a donation instead.

  • Gillian Colledge

    As promised in details to Jeff Hart and Tom on February 22, 2018

  • Dale Gazzard

    Look forward to seeing the CRC boat shed redevelopment through to completion. Great work CRC committee. Go CANBERRA!

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