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Carey Park Football, Sporting & Community Club (CPFC) lies within the heart land of the Bunbury (Western Australia) suburb Carey Park. The suburb was established in the 1950s as a State housing estate for working families. It has long been a low socio-economic area and continues to be today. It is not an area that attracts wealthy benefactors or sponsors but rather a place that has strong connection with families. That indeed was the premise for the establishment of the CPFC that was a foundation member of the South West Football League in 1957. The Club has had a great connection with families of the area and a strong affinity with the location.

CPFC aims to be an inclusive Club that provides opportunities on and off the field for people of varying ages for both Australian Rules Football and Netball. It is strong in its regular conduct of workshops such as Social Media policies, Code of Conduct and racial and religious vilification for all players. The Club promotes and supports the links of football and netball to citizenship, participation, leadership and the strengthening to the wider community and it's many indigenous participants.

CPFC is working to improve facilities at Kelly Park for sport and community use.

Our focus is on:

  • Upgrade of kitchen facilities which is used for functions, games days and community events.
  • Re-wiring of electrical circuits within the Club.
  • External repaint of Clubhouse.

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    Good luck with the fundraising,I hope you reach your goal.

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