About the project

We operate a family Club facility in the North Western Sydney area on the Parramatta River.  The Club needs more storage as the local population moves to higher density apartment living and generally lacks space for boat storage (off or on street) for recreational sailboat users. Public funding assistance is needed to continue the project. Current storage will be increased approximately 40% for sailing dinghies and 5 power boats plus increased operational, safety and maintenance equipment storage. Priority of storage is always to boats suitable for school age youths. We also need space in which to store tools and accessories, such as safety vests, training materials and small tools.

Funds Raised will be used to purchase extend the facility for increased participation in the local community covering several suburbs around the western Sydney area.  The fundraising target is $180,000.


  • Kent and Pam McDowall

    Hope this may help

  • Kent and Pam McDowall

    It is pleasure to be able to support CRSC and what you do. I was a beneficiary in so many ways so long ago

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