About the project

Established in 2013, Roxsolt Liv SRAM is Australia's only UCI Continental Women's Cycling Team.

The team finished the 2020 season ranked 22nd in the world and won the Australian National Road Series Team Classification for the second year in a row. The team finished the 2019 season as the Australian National Road Series Champions, Australian National Criterium Series Champion, Victorian Road Series Champions, and Queensland Road Series Champion.

Roxsolt Liv SRAM provides Australian female cyclists a flexible opportunity to train and race their bikes around the world while remaining based in Australia.

Along the way the team hopes to continue to inspire Australians to participate in cycling by showing that it is possible to race as part of the Women's World Tour while either working or studying.

Previously the team has raced in Australia, Europe and the USA but operating on a limited budget this involves staying in strangers homes, or short term accommodation often sharing beds, or the floor on air mattresses.

To enable the team to continue to compete both in Australia and around the world post COVID-19 will see a substantial increase in team expenses to cover staff, transportation, accommodation and hygiene equipment such as masks, hand sanitiser & disinfectant. All team staff and coaches who are all currently volunteers will require training in sanitisation and infection control protocols.

Funds will also be used to offset the substantial increase in team registration costs payable to the UCI due to the decline in Australian dollar against the Euro, to support other required team equipment including radios for team communication, quick release bike racks for race vehicles, air fares, overseas vehicle rental or lease costs, staff expenses for racing in Australia and overseas, providing assistance to our junior (U19) athletes, and insurance for races and training.

This support will enable to team to attend qualification/ selection races for both Olympic Games and World Championship events as well as providing emerging Australian female cyclists the opportunity to participate in some of the biggest races in Australia and the world (once permitted to travel and race again).

Through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations of $2 or more to this campaign are tax deductible. So please show your support by donating today!


  • Chilly Penguin

    It’s great to see an Australian team of pro women, and great to be able to support it with a donation. Best of luck to all team members. And you have the best kit of any team!

  • Marco van den Hout

    It was great to see some current and former Roxsolt Attaquer riders in Belgium last year and it was great to see how well they were doing. Keep it up!

  • John Davis

    Must be spent on team donuts

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