About the project

Derwent Storms is committed to developing the sport of dragon boating in Tasmania.

Since forming in 2007, the club has a proven record of competition success as well as improving the health, fitness and well-being of people from a large demographic and from diverse backgrounds. The rapid expansion of interest in dragon boating as a low impact, high intensity team water sport has meant that attendance at dragon boat events has rapidly increased in recent years.

The club's involvement in the running of regattas, including the State Titles, Corporate days, Come and Try days, Cultural events and DBTas' Schools Programme has meant that the club has needed to update and expand its equipment.  The club has recently purchased two new boats as well as undertaking extensive repairs on its older boats. 

The club is in need of additional equipment including an additional trailer so that sufficient boats can be transported to events locally and across the state.  The club has been actively seeking grants as well as organising a major fund raising event, the hugely successful Four Bridges Challenge, that not only raised funds and the profile of dragon boating in Tasmania but attracted over 200 visitors to our State.

The importance of the Derwent Storms boats and their transportation cannot be overstated. Derwent Storms continues to be the driving force behind the development of dragon boating in Tasmania and as such our equipment and personnel play a major part in the success of a number of events including The Sandy Bay Australia Day Regatta, the State Titles, Chinese Cultural days and the Dragons Abreast annual Corporate day.

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