About the project

The upgrade of the new Technical area, player dugouts along with the replacement of our outdated scoreboard, would assist our club to be back to having the best hockey club facilities in Victoria.

Importantly the technical area will provide a much safer facility for players and officials.

The digital scoreboard will allow the club to create sponsors images or videos, replays or club event information.


1. Digital Scoreboard - Estimated Cost $80K

  • Size 3.84m x 2.0m (7.86m2) with dimensions effectively same as flatscreen TV, keeping the screen to a modern format that will future proof the installation.   
  • Screen will have good picture quality for watching video content and due to the TV shape of the scoreboard, video will fit well without distortion or letterboxing

Benefits (establishing DHC as a hockey club of first choice with premier facilities for all stakeholders):

  • Powerful marketing tool supporting existing and new sponsors of Doncaster Hockey Club.  Aid value add to sponsors, and / or income stream for club.  
  • Relay of important messages to spectators during games and support DHC branding and events.
  • Video use supporting player & coach education (game review, how to, interviews), through to player (youth through masters, and family) social events.  Develops our club and members potential.

2. Technical Bench and New Player dugouts- $50K

A key aspect of the project design is the safety of the officials and players. During team warm ups and general play, the chances of hockey balls being deflected into the tech bench is significant. The design of the technical area will have a Perspex safety glass front that will not only prevent stray balls, but protect electronic equipment from poor weather conditions.

In addition, the technical area will be installed at the opposite side of the field, away from the spectators and potential crowd banters.

Other benefits include:

  • A permanent structure that does not need to be dismantled every week
  • Opportunity for the Technical Officials to communicate as required with Team managers, or suspended player
  • A much safer and more accurate record of player interchanges and per Hockey Australia rules
  • Safety of players, umpire and technical bench personnel
  • Supports HV League Entry Criteria maintain DHC as Melbourne’s premier hockey club in Victoria.

Through the club's fundraising partnership with the Sports Foundation, donations to these vital club projects are tax-deductible. So please show your support by donating today!

  • Kayne Schwal

    Thanks DHC - looking forward to 2021 season. Kayne

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