About the project

Fitzroy Lions Soccer Club is a community-based club that aims to provide an outstanding football experience for any person regardless of their, age, ability, race, religion and gender. We offer a safe, quality and supported environment at all levels from ages 5 to 25, both male and female and since 2013, we’ve supported hundreds of young people to participate in a sport they love while learning the value of teamwork, commitment, discipline and respect.

The club is run by a lovely group of dedicated volunteers whose mission is to provide the best possible football experience to our young people. We aspire to give all our players access to the best possible coaching and maximise their chances to achieve their full football potential. We aim to be a free soccer club in Victoria with the right balance between coaching costs and federation fees. We know club level soccer has a reputation of being a very expensive sport, however we are committed to keeping it free and available to the numerous youths living in the Yarra city and surrounding areas. The support of the council and local businesses is an instrument in keeping these costs down for the hundreds of boys and girls participating. Fees such as uniform costs, and federation expenses can be a stress for our families. Since 2013, Fitzroy Lions Soccer Club has been covering those costs thanks to our generous sponsors.

This year (2019) we received a licence to participate in the league, Football Victoria. For the first time the club provided a weekly and official pathway for members of the club to participate. Fitzroy Lions Soccer Club assist all its players by covering and subsidising the cost of registration, uniforms and transport. This is a unique aspect of the club with no other registered club in Victoria who cater for the 70,000 plus participants of soccer providing this support.

Any support will help the club purchase uniforms, equipment and transport to put young people on the park weekly and ensure they are sustainable into the future. 

In addition, women and girls are currently under represented in club sports, any assistance would allow The Lions to further its commitment to bridging the gender inclusion gap and promoting female representation in sports. Many girls and young women in our community face higher barriers to participate. Culturally specific gender roles and negative stigma towards women participating in club sports are also realistic barriers for girls and young women in the community which is reflected in statistics of participation. Therefore, we made a commitment to ensure a gender balanced sporting club which would be one of its kind in our area. Our teams come from ethnically diverse communities that would often not mix. Currently the club has members from Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, south Sudan, Lebanon, Afghanistan and indigenous members. The most culturally and religiously diverse club in Melbourne. Busting stereotypes particularly around Muslim women and sport participation. We wish to continue bringing together culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) young people living in social housing and provide them with a platform to be active, develop a positive sense of identity, build confidence, connect with community, learn new skills and develop a passion for soccer. 

Our players have talent that is under developed and our professional coaches and our program allows individual to experiment and develop their skills.These kids are being raised by parents unfamiliar with the community and this club brings the youth and the older generation together in a common bond. Developing pride, growth and understanding in the community. The biggest problem people have adjusting to life in Australia when they arrive as refugees or migrants is finding connection and relating to other CALD groups, Our club provides the bridge into the community. 

Through the club's fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations to the club's development and participation initiatives are tax-deductible. So please show your support by donating today!

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