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The club currently has a project running with the Australian Sports Foundation surrounding water security.  Members are encouraged to contribute via the ASF website.

This Strategic Plan for the Flinders Golf Club sets out the key objectives for the period 2016 to 2021 and identifies the major focus areas and actions to achieve these objectives.

One of the key components of the club’s Strategic plan surround water security.  In short, the club intends to ensure water security plans are in place to deal with impact of climate change and to achieve our course improvement goals. 

Your committee have been working in conjunction with council & local government in assessing the Club’s ability to access the town run off water into Dodd’s Creek from Cove Lane Flinders and pump this water to the Club. 
This would be similar in approach to the Kings St run off project.  The assessment will determine the volume of additional water that this project would bring to the Club in an average rainfall year.  The assessment will also include a preliminary indication of costs and timing. 

It is vital for the club to be aware of the limitations, and options for upgrading the current water distribution system and its efficiency in transferring water to all parts of the course so that overall productivity and efficiency of water usage is improved. 

The next step is to now work towards an upgrade to the Toro computer software that we have in place, which will allow us to implement variable speed pumping throughout the course.  This will improve efficiency, from the current set up which has either an ‘On or Off’ setting.  

In the long run the improved software will also be beneficial when it comes to costs on power and R&M throughout the year.  Further to that the club is always spending time and money maintaining the irrigation network, with regular upgrades to sprinklers, pumps, pumping stations and pipework around the course.

Water for Irrigation is critical for the long term viability of the Flinders Golf Course, and the direct supply of that water throughout our golf course is equally as important as the supply of water from to our dams.


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