About the project

The Fly Fish Australia (FFA) Development Fund exists to provide a vehicle for individuals and groups to support Fly Fish Australia's efforts to develop the sport of Competition Fly Fishing and to maximise international competition success.

FFA's purpose is to promote competition fly fishing in Australia. Our ultimate goal is to win at international competitions and to provide positive and enjoyable experiences for our anglers, supporters and volunteers. Our vision is quite simply to be the best in the sport and our 2017 World Fly Fishing Championship (WFFC) result shows that we are well and truely on the right path!

Fly Fish Australia has registered the FFA Development Fund with the Australian Sports Foundation. It encapsulates key areas that individuals can contribute to in order to help the organisation achieve its strategic objectives:

  • High performance
  • Community and grassroots programs
  • Women’s development programs
  • Youth development programs

Donations are fully tax deductible and each donation will play a vital role in ensuring the development of these critical areas. Donors can select a specific project to donate to or alternatively, donations can be made to the general overarching fundraising program, the FFA Development Fund.

By contributing to Fly Fish Australia, you are helping FFA achieve its objectives and in doing so field and develop a strong and competitive organisation of anglers fit to compete on the international stage. In addition to providing tax deductibility, all Fly Fish Australia disbursement is fully endorsed by both the ASF, providing assurance for the donor.


  • Gini Hole

    My donations are in memory of my late husband, Chris Hole, who was a devoted fly-fisher and died 20 years ago as the World Championships were due to begin in the Snowy Mountains. I would also like to acknowledge the generosity of Rob Staples of FlyLife and Bill Glasson of Freshwater Fishing who have kept my interest alive by sending me their wonderful magazines and thus enabling me to help Fly Fish Australia.

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