About the project

The Foundation

The concept of the Friends of Warringah Rugby Foundation has grown out of the recognition of the need to establish on-going support to the Warringah Rugby Club in the pursuit of its objectives indefinitely into the future.

The FOW Rugby Foundation will assist and support the Club in the encouragement, promotion and development of rugby talent, primarily on the Northern beaches peninsular of Sydney. In addition, the Foundation will provide a means to assist in the acquisition and development of the infrastructure necessary for the Club to remain a force in Sydney Rugby.

The Goals of the Foundation

The Foundation aims to provide financial assistance to the Club in:

  • Sustained on-field success including player welfare and development for young men and women playing rugby in Grade, Colts and Juniors;
  • Maintenance and improvement of Club facilities and amenities;
  • Development of a pathway for boys and girls rugby in the Warringah catchment;
  • Support and development of our junior clubs; and,
  • Community engagement, social inclusion and support for our local players and the broader rugby community.


  • Martin Milner

    Go the mighty Rats in 2021

  • Bernie Hudson

    Go Rats

  • Scott Baker

    I only spent 3 years at the Rats but I have lifetime friends as a result, I owe a lot to Warringah - hope this helps, I’ll be putting more over the bar in time!

  • paul drake

    can i assume this has replaced Brenden ?

  • Martin Milner

    To help keep the Rats colours flying

  • Peter MacDermott

    Go The Rats

  • jason Brooks

    Good Job Rivo keep it up look forward to catching up in Scone.

  • Paul Schober


  • Warren Poole

    Full support of Warringah Rugby Club

  • Christopher Birch

    Warringah FOW Christopher Birch

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