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Central Horse Riding Hub for grassroots and mental health

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About the project

Your generous donation will fund our mission across Australia to support and educate beginner horse lovers for a safer start to horses:


1. Improve grassroots equestrian and beginner horse experiences that deliver safer outcomes

• First point of contact to educate beginners on a safe horse journey and provide the resources and tools to get started. Books & Video

• Create a horse lovers community through membership and lesson discounts

• Online booking system for easy access to prices and availability that also can be used by riding centres across Australia for bookings and attracting beginners for each region. Supporting other small business owners and the grassroots of equestrian. Providing centres that have been assessed for quality so that consumers can have confidence in where they are going.

FUNDING is needed to cover the development and promotion of the bookings hub, membership system and purchase the learning books for distribution to horse clubs $15000

2. Enable larger numbers of community and school groups to go through our horse programs to reconnect with life. 

• Resulting in better engagement with school learning or the workforce, happiness at home and social interactions. 

• Positive outcomes in CONFIDENCE, CARE for others, emotional CONTROL, COMMUNICATION skills & COORDINATION in a natural, non-judgemental environment. 

FUNDING is needed to offer a fully funded day experience for local schools for 8 kids per session with minimum 1 day per week x 48 weeks = $1500/day for 8 kids = $12000


This is therapy without therapy connecting with horses, it’s our Australian heritage and is the way of the future in such a heavy technology world, and it's right under your door step. These videos are a great insight to what horses are all about from real experiences:

Debbie Burgermeister, Head Coach and Founder of Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat and our Giddy Up Gold Coast charity

Deb has an intense passion, dedicated to utilize her privilege of horses to connect with people and work with our community to make a difference…

• Credited with over 35yrs working with horses, an established riding school for over 10 years and has many coaching qualifications, but her unique qualities come from her down to earth, friendly positive attitude and ability to relate to all ages. Experienced in being a parent of twins and the high expectations of child development in recreational activities.CERTIFICATIONS: Equestrian Australia coach / CertIII Sports Coaching Equestrian / NCAS Level 2 Coach with Aust. Institute of Sport / CertIV Trainer & Assessor / First Aid, Mental Health First Aid & Blue Card / CertIV in Small Business Management / Advanced Diploma of Customer Contact Management

Written by Deb a short story of thanks: “THESE HANDS” Can your hands tell stories?

As I look at my so-called "lady" hands I often wonder how horse girls can have nails or non-marked skin. I look at my dented bruised finger from the stable door and laugh, or I think about the sadness of the 9yr old boy that died 20yrs ago after I did CPR.....OR....I think about the joy of holding my twins for the first time 4 weeks after they were born 3mths early just 560g............ BUT when I think hard about my 43yr old hands I think of what these hands have done on a farm with horses, sheep, cattle, chooks, cooking, cleaning, lifting, cutting, campfires, rivers, old cars and fixing fences...... the life of a country Australian that so many young people do not appreciate that I have had the blessing to experience - a farmer, a wife, a mother, a labourer, a mechanic, a factory worker and a horseman. These are all skills I cherish and I would not trade my hands for anything in the world as the stories are in my mind and my heart forever.

I thank my family, my friends and my employers for the experiences of life to help me learn and grow in mind & body! I pray our youth continue to be educated away from the computer with hands on reality and stories to cherish of their own


Youth and disadvantaged individuals need a facility in nature to unwind, develop resilience, effective communication skills and learn stress management within a fast paced technology environment.

Benefits to our community are unlimited with impacts on keeping kids in school and successful transition into the workforce with common sense practical knowledge as well as reducing mental health impacts

Please make a tax deductible donation today and support keeping Horses in our community and mission of Giddy Up Gold Coast!                                                         

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