About Gladesville Ryde Magic FC

Gladesville Ryde Magic Football Club (“GRMFC”) is a Club participating in Mens National Premier League 3, Youth National Premier League 2 competitions and the Skill Acquisition Program conducted by Football NSW. The GRMFC teams range from under 9 years of age to 1st Grade. GRMFC is a not for profit incorporated club that attends to the development of grass-roots football players. GRMFC has implemented senior, youth and skill acquisition development programs, organisational structures and endorsed a philosophy that aligns with the Football Federation of Australia National Curriculum.


Although GRMFC participates in competitions that are demanding and challenging, excessive emphasis on winning denies players the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and diminishes the enjoyment of playing. Without structured guidance and financial assistance there is a greater likelihood of talented players abandoning the game. GRMFC recognises that football in Australia is undergoing a generational change toward a more robust, attractive and higher standard of football. Without denying the traditional Australian virtues of strength, athleticism and competitive nature, we are responsible for developing a generation of players that must experience and demonstrate enjoyment, technique, skill and game intelligence.


Financial assistance through this Fund will allow GRMFC to continue its program to develop grass-roots talent, improve facilities and continue the professional development of technical staff. Without the assistance of our volunteers, sponsors and the general community we would not be able to pursue our objectives.

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    Well done

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    with reference to Christopher Nimmo U16s

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    Looking forward to a great first season with GRMFC!

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    Donation made on behalf of Jared Wong (U12 SAP)

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    Looking forward to a great season. Thanks!

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    Looking forward to training early and a great season. Go GRMFC.


    Looking forward to the 2018 season!

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    Go Gladesville Ryde Magic!

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    Go Magic !!!

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