About the project

The Glenelg Football Club has survived a World War, a financial crisis, a powerful act of Mother Nature, and agonising Grand Final losses. Sadly, the COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted on our club and all our loyal supporters with all football suspended until at least May 31. Our licensed venue – the lifeblood of our club – has also been shut down for the foreseeable future. Like so many people in our community and around the world, we’ve been shocked by the speed with which this event has changed our lives.   

The ‘Fight and Fight and Win’ page has been created to provide a fundraising platform for members, supporters and the wider Bays community to support the club through a tax-deductible donation managed by the Australian Sports Foundation. We certainly acknowledge that the most important priority at the moment is taking care of your personal health & wellbeing, and that of your family and friends, but if you’re in a sound financial position and feel compelled to give during these uncertain times, the Glenelg Tigers family thank you in advance for your generosity.

Whether you are an inter-generational Tigers member, a local Glenelg resident, a parent of one of our many Auskickers, or just a passionate South Australian Football fan - your support will help build on our proud history for generations to come. 



  • Tony Dawkins

    Go Bays!!

  • Paul Porcelli

    been a supporter since i was a kid, lets see this through

  • Scott Nicholson

    Have been on board since 2013 when my son debuted . The Grand Final last year was one of the best and proudest days of my life

  • Lynden Rothe

    Let make it back to back Premierships.

  • Chantal McGrath

    The feeling of last year was so incredible, it washed away all those empty feelings I had, when we didn’t do so well in the past. I love this club and I will always be grateful to the club, players for all the effort they put in each week and for the 2019 Premiership.

  • Brenton Hancock

    First barracked for the Tigers when I was 5. Now 72...and my father before me. Some hard years and some great years...but always a Tiger man!

  • Mark Low

    So much joy last year , can’t wait to unveil the flag . Happy to support the mighty Bays !

  • David Wright

    Get behind the Mighty Tigers everyone, we have not been able to get to the club so why don't we all put a little of what we might have spent towards this fundraiser.

  • Tony Dawkins

    Go Bays

  • Peter Richens

    I am a lifelong Tiger tragic and have been a club member since 1981. I was inspired to contribute after seeing Mark Stone announce that the entire squad had committed to playing this season without pay. That is a fantastic gesture both individually and collectively, and demonstrates what an outstanding and united club we are. Thank you, Bays, for being a constant source of joy, pride and loyalty. Peter Richens

  • Vernon Roberts

    I've been a member for 61 years and contributed a sum when we were in trouble three years ago. Its been such a big part of my life I hope we can get started soon.

  • Martin Hill

    Let's keep The Mighty Tigers Mighty

  • Gerard Hocking

    Go Bays

  • Steve Beck

    I have loved my Glenelg Tigers since the early 80s when I was a youngster watched the 85 and 86 Grand finals on TV, and made my way from Brisbane last year for the second semi and the Grand Final. I get tingles and tears watching the replay of the 2019 Premiership win and still have my office in Brisbane decked out in Bays gear :)

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