About the project

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the above as an exciting development at the Club. It is arguably one of the most significant football initiatives introduced and allows us to sign off on one of our key pillars for football success – Best Facilities. It also recognises our commitment to our core business of football – a fact our senior players have acknowledged
The Vision
To create a state of the art Football Centre and sports rehabilitation facility at Glenelg Football Club. We already have the key ingredients – great oval, catering and the building footprint to create a great facility. Doing so, complies with our commitment to satisfy the three key pillars of ongoing football success – best coaches, best player list and best facilities. All three are linked but in isolation, the provision of first class facilities is pivotal. It is also important to recognise and accept the fact that Women’s Football is a significant development in both the AFL and the SANFL. Aged, outdated facilities will not satisfy that new market sector.

Best Facilities – First class facilities are a pre requisite for sustained player development and retention. This portfolio has evidenced the most significant investment at AFL Clubs in the last decade. Cutting edge technology combined with the introduction of sports science qualified expertise has revolutionised the game. 
Previous arrangements
The Club’s facilities under the Sparks Grandstand were simply not competitive in the modern era. The oval itself has improved dramatically over the years and now provides a first class surface for training and match day, however the Club only has access for 6 months of the year. The same could not be said of the gymnasium and rehabilitation facilities which were substandard. Poor wet areas, inadequate changeroom and conditioning areas – the list could go on. In fact of recent times, gym equipment had to be shifted out and returned before and after match days to allow the players sufficient space to be ready for the match. That all changed late December 2016 when the storm event was the catalyst for incredible change for the good. 
Glenelg Football Centre  – the future belongs to those who plan for it
Football is our core business, it is the very reason for our existence.  To develop into a Club which finishes in the finals every year, we must expose our younger players to professional, physical, nutritional and psychological advice. It is no longer good enough to simply identify talent and expect that talent to progress through to become a successful senior player without professional direction. Initially the key features involve:

  • Football Centre: Shall utilise half the first floor facility. Club High Performance Manager Brad Keller is  overseeing a science based approach for strength and conditioning for all players – development squads through to seniors. The programs will involve consistency in terms of testing and monitoring training.
  • Sports Rehabilitation: Professional sports medical practices are an essential component of our program.

Who can access the facility?
In the first instance, the facility will be for the exclusive use of our players, male and female. We are committed to achieving football success and providing our players with facilities which are equal to or better than other SANFL Clubs. The facility will also provide us with the capacity to provide testing programs and assessments for other elite and local Clubs within our zone whether that be for football, netball or other code. 
Multi use sporting model
The best sporting facilities are multi use models, in our case that involves GFC players, other elite teams and Club members. Once the Football Centre is fully functional, GFC members will be given the opportunity to join the facility, access professional advice and pursue the path of health and fitness within your own Club. The bistro will also introduce a range of selections which complement  a healthy lifestyles.
What’s required to be the best ?
A state of art facility requires state of art equipment – that’s the challenge. You can assist by making a donation through the Australian Sports Foundation  to receive tax benefits. All funds are quarantined for facility investment, and it is our current and future players who benefit. 


  • Peter Carey

    In lieu of birthday present for Peter Johnston

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    Keep up the good work at the Bay.

  • Steve Beck

    Good luck raising the funds for the centre of excellence. As a personal trainer and Bays fan, Im more than happy to donate :)

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    go you tigers

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    Happy to help the Tigers towards SUSTAINED SUCCESS! It's been far too long!

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